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The Whimsical Romance;♥
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Batch five // Heidi
Friday, 12 August 2011; 07:02

Heidi here, sorry for the so long hiatus, Victoria is killing me now. (: Idk why its mostly about food, seriously. :o 46 icons, to commemorate singapore's birthday! (: No icons about it though , sorry, this few icons had been made eons ago and i didnt had the time to upload them. (: It was rotting in my computer. :P Okay, less words, more pictures!

46 icons; 100 x 100








27 banners; 350 x 150














For the credits, i told you i did this eons ago, and i didnt take the credits down! :x
Sorry and thanks for the pictures, all from weheartit.com ! (:
If its your pic, please do let me know and i'll credit you !